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Development of a tank destroyer on the basis of the KV-1S isu 152 guide heavy tank began on Janu. A Type 59 was like my Remora and it stuck with me and carried me, allowing me to snipe and give full support to my team, so I thought I would write a little guide on how to. ISU-152 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its guide combat behavior. Initial production version of the ISU-152, replacement for the SU-152.

isu music 152 study guidefaux. 1 Camos 2 Strategy 3 Notes An evolution of the Kliment Voroshilov tank, the Iosif Stalin series of tanks was born at the SKB-2 design bureau at the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant. Good:Awesome 152mm stock gun, ML-20 Great camouflage Relatively good top speed Bad:Poor armor Poor. Study Illinois State University Music 152 flashcards and notes. It mounted a 152 mm gun-howitzer on the chassis of a KV-1S heavy tank.

SU-152 Guide - posted in Tank Destroyers: SU-152Zveroboy Hello tankers! 1 isu 152 guide Stat Growth 2 Background 3 isu Voice Lines 4 Strategy 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Roza makes for a suitable artillery-type unit. 7 isu 152 guide mm DShK heavy machine gun, but certain examples did have this feature. ISU-152의 유일한 장점인 화력부분도 상당히 빛을 바랜것이 냉전기 중형전차인 T-55와 T-62의 주포는 2차대전에 ISU-152가 isu 152 guide 보조하던 T-34의 85mm에 비해 isu 152 guide 관통력은 물론 고폭탄 화력마저 isu 훨신 강력한데다 100mm급이나 115mm보다 더 큰 대구경포가 필요하다 해도 소련군에는. Also, beggining to question the benefit of binoculars. I will try to get out another video this isu 152 guide week, but don&39;t be surprised if it doesn&39;t arrive. The capture of a Tiger tank in early 1943 showed the need. See more videos for Isu 152 Guide.

It had a W-2-IS engine that was isu 152 guide capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 37 km/h. It is capable of out-ranging the Tiger 1&39;s and the King Tiger&39;s guide main guns. The ISU-152 was a self-propelled gun that was used by the Soviet Union during World War II. ISU-152 vychází z korby těžkého tanku IS a má podobné rozložení pancíře. The ISU-152 is a multi-role Russian isu 152 guide tank that first appeared Company of heroes : Eastern Front.

4-mm) ML-20S gun and a powerful high-explosive fragmentation projectile equipped with 6 guide kilograms of TNT, one round was enough to destroy a small house. The ISU-152 was isu 152 guide a built as a replacement for the SU-152 which developed using the KV Series heavy tank. The isu 152 guide following skills make it easier to aim and improve the tank&39;s characteristics in general. (GAU Index: 52-GPS-545) is a Soviet self-propelled gun developed on the IS chassis and the SU-152. With the success of the SU-152, it was decided to build an improved model utilising the chassis isu 152 guide of IS tank and this was to have better armour and retain the same 152mm heavy howitzer. Later production used an IS tank chassis and was re-designated ISU-152. A total of 4,635 vehicles were built from November 1943 through June 1945. Pros HE shells can cause a maximum ofdepending on gun equipped) damage without a fire/ammo rack, Features isu 152 guide two faster firing guns that can be researched, with slightly less.

However, if you prefer long-range engagements and the view range setup above, choose Concealment instead. The ISU-152 was a self-propelled gun used by the Soviet Union during World War II and appears in Hidden& Dangerous 2. Help isu 152 guide this ignorant tanker out. The SU-152 is a Soviet tier 7 tank destroyer. However, what made the ISU-152 inherently better than the SU-152 was its superior armor and towing power.

The ISU-152 is a large armored assault gun with a phenomonal range, only matched by the Elefant and Jagdtiger. A prototype underwent field trials at the beginning of February 1943 and entered service on Febru. ISU-152 equipment?

The ISU-152 (Russian: Istrebitelnaja Samokhodnaya Ustanovka, Iosif isu 152 guide Stalin-based self propelled installation) was a Soviet self-propelled heavy howitzer/tank destroyer. I just researched and equipped the BL-10 on mu ISU-152. ISU-152 Guide - posted in On Topic Archive: ISU-152 Tank Destroyer I’m sure we are all aware of the dearth of guides and good info here on the SEA forums, so what follows is my ham-fisted attempt at a comprehensive guide to my most played non-premium tank; the ISU-152.

First of all, you need to know good and bad sides of this awesome tank destroyer, so you can adapt to it easily. Scale: 28mm - 1/56th Resin Metal Parts Made to Order. After the succes of the Su-152, the Russians built a new vehicle wich will be the succesor of the SU-152. QuickyBaby reviews the Soviet tier 8 premium ISU-152K which features a devastating 750 damage alpha gun. The ISU-152 isu 152 guide is isu a rank III Soviet tank destroyer with a battle rating of 4. Are HE rounds going to be effective?

Although the ISU-152 mounted the same 152mm M1937/43 (ML-20S) gun-howitzer of the SU-152, the new crew compartment was. If you strive to top the damage charts with little or no care to personal safety then this could very well be the machine. Its 152mm Gun-Howitzer fires isu 152 guide devastating AP and HE shells which can obliterate tanks and infantry alike from isu afar. The review from 22nd of May stats compares the premium tank against its non-premium ISU-152 brother.

It was unofficially nicknamed zveroboy (Russian: Зверобой; "beast killer") in response to several large German tanks and guns coming into service, including Tigers and Panthers. A quick history about it. Roza&39;s base range of 17 leaves her open to splash damage fired at. The ISU-152 is isu 152 guide arguably one of my favorite tanks when maxed with the Tier 10 isu 152 guide cannon. It follows on from the SU-152, and leads to isu 152 guide the Object 704. Whenever I play on my other tanks I always support our SU or ISU if we have one.

The SU-152 is a Tier VII Soviet tank destroyer that is preceded by the SU-100 and succeeded by the ISU-152. But today, I will show you the true way of using the SU-152. I&39;m also thinking of live streaming some games (other than world. Its main 152mm gun can just decimate whatever it is in its way. REGGIE GUIDE Preview 329 Fell Hall. isu 152 guide isu 152 guide ISU-152 is a Tank Destroyer found in Armor Blitz. However, the gun comes with its drawbacks.

isu 152 guide This choice of crew skills is with the assumption you play the ISU-152 aggressively, which is why we chose Repair as the first skill. The ISU-152 was a further development of the SU-152 Assault Howitzer, but based on the IS tank&39;s (Iosef Stalin) lower chassis and running gear instead of the KV tank&39;s (KV from the prewar defense minister, Klimenti Voroshilov). Much like the SU-152, it was isu 152 guide capable of blowing Tiger, Ferdinand, and Panther turrets/casemates open. It isu 152 guide was a better vehicle then the previous SU-152 and made good sense to up-grade from the old KV-1 chassis to the new IS chassis. The ISU was used primarily as a long isu 152 guide range mobile support howitzer but was.

The default for ammunition isu selection is 4 AP and 16 HE rounds. The ISU-152 was conceived as a replacement for the SU-152, which was based on the KV-1s chassis. The ISU-152 was used mainly for fire support of infantry and tanks. Later, lot of new designs are isu be designed. This choice of crew skills is with the assumption you play the ISU-152 aggressively, which is why we chose Repair as the first skill. This tank should not be on the frontlines. Thanks to a 6-inch (152. Many people decide to play as isu 152 guide german glass cannon, sitting at the back of map delivering communism to capitalist American lights, Tea drinking British mediums, and Facist German lights.

The ISU-152 is a devastating glass cannon. ISU-152 was a Soviet multi-role fully enclosed and armored self-propelled gun developed and used during World War II, with a subsequent use, mainly in the Soviet military, till the 1970s. SU-152 on the KV Chassis in 1943. In this short guide I will try to explain you how to effectively play with Soviet tier VII tank destroyer, SU-152. It also had a five-man crew and an armament that consisted of a single 152 mm howitzer and an. The ISU-152 was an absolute nightmare for the Wehrmacht. Shortly after isu the development of the SU-152, IS isu 152 guide series heavy tank was developed and it was decided to re-develop isu 152 guide the SU-152 on the new IS tank to achieve which would make for some ease of maintenance by introducing a degree of commonality.

Conquer your course and sign up for free today! Overview: The ISU-152 is a Soviet tier 8 tank destroyer. Ammunition6/14 (AP/HE)240 (Bullet) Speed20 km/hSpeed on roads41 km/hStealthVery badOpticsLow ISU-152 is a Soviet Support unit in Steel Division II. The SU-152 (Samokhodnaya isu 152 guide Ustanovka-152) is a Soviet self-propelled heavy howitzer used during World War II. For mobility, the ISU-152 used a torsion bar suspension system and had a 4 speed forward, 1 speed reverse transmission. ISU-152 Self-propelled Gun Product Code: WGB-RI-134. While we hold as much stock as possible, on occasion this.

MUS 152 Experiencing Music. I have never understood when the best time to use HE and so have almost always just shot AP. In April 1944, in attempt to increase the firepower of ISU-152, a high-power variant of the self-propelled gun was developed. I play a relatively defensive role, hanging isu 152 guide back and sniping from behind my heavies. The isu 152 guide ISU-152 Is the Russian tier 8 Tank Destroyer. • 42 senior college credit hours (200+ level) at ISU.

Most ISUs had an additional 12. The ISU-152 derives it&39;s name from it&39;s armament, which is a single 152 mm 1937/43 ML-20 howitzer. The vehicle received the designation KV-14 (Object 236).

It was introduced during the Closed Beta Test for guide Ground Forces before Update 1. All bite and no bark whatsoever. The ISU-152 is a tank destroyer with isu 152 guide a huge 152 mm cannon which can one-shot any target that it penetrates.

- isu posted in Tank Destroyers: Hey guys, I know this has probably been asked countless times, but what do you suggest for equipment on the ISU-152? While her AOE of 5 is considered to isu 152 guide be standard, it allows her to potentially hit multiple units at once, making her ideal for backline dps. Jak tedy budete hrát s vozidlem, které nemá moc pancíře, a přesto se jeho dělo nejlépe isu 152 guide využije v boji zblízka? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The ISU-152 is a isu 152 guide Soviet self-propelled gun developed and used during World War II. The SU-152 is no exception. Tento Sovět je zcela a pouze o jeho 152mm dělu. This time built on the KV-1S chassis, the ISU-152 isu 152 guide was a excactly the same gun but isu 152 guide in a bigger turret with thicker armor.

Im finding that even with 3 crew with 100% camo and a net, Im constantly being spotted. In an uptier, the gun is equipped with a HEAT shell that has enough penetration to destroy even the most armoured heavy tanks.